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  • A5 size notebook designed with nice looking spiral rings
  • The wire-bound notebook comes with 100 pages with 50 thick sheets of paper
  • Paper thickness 70gsm
  • Stylish black cover and A5 size easy to carry
  • 3 Ply bill book, no carbon paper required
  • Small and easy to carry
  • White original, pink and blue duplicate for 3 ply
  • 30 sets x 2 ply, 60 sheets per book or
  • White original, blue duplicate for 2 ply
  • 20 sets x 3 ply, 60 sheets per book
  • Chines and english descriptions provided
  • Clear, convenient and easy to use
  • NCR bill book, no carbon paper required
  • White original, blue duplicate (2ply);
  • White original, blue and pink duplicate (3ply)
  • 20 sets per book (3ply) 60 sheets per book;
  • 30 sets per book (2ply) 60 sheets per book
  • English, malay and chinese descriptions provided
  • Consercutively number 6-digit numbers in the upper right hand corner
  • A4 size thick cover exercise book
  • 80 pages, 70 gram thickness
  • Dark printing single lines
  • No and Date on the right top of every pages
  • Suitable for work book, exercis book, reference book, text book and etc
  • Book cover is made from quality transparent PVC material which is highly durable and water resistance
  • 5pcs book cover in pack
  • Soft brown cover with name and subject label on the front cover for easy identification
  • This exercise book has 80/120/200 80pages
  • 8mm margin line printed clear on every page great for note taking
  • F4 size hard cover book foolscap
  • 120/ 200/300/ 400 pages are available
  • Paper material 50gsm thick
  • Dark printing single lines
  • No and Date on the right top of every pages
  • Good quality suitable for any environment
  • Suitable for study notes, security house log book and any hand recording use
  • Size P5 (26cm x 19 cm x 1.5cm), 80gsm paper
  • Total pages 44
  • A page come with 3 days daily planner 
  • Daily planner with islamic calender 
  • Colour Black, Blue, Red
  • Memo pad with 100 sheets blank papers
  • Price per book
  • 10 books one carton with all colours; each colour 2 books in pack
  • Size 88mm x 127mm 
  • Notebook stationery set include 1pcs A5 notebook 100pages/80grams, 1pcs pen, 1pcs erase, 1pcs mechanical pencil, 1pcs pencil lead, 1pcs ruler 15cm, 1pcs highlight pen, 1pcs with colour series
  • Record payment receive and any other type of payment
  • Consecutively receipt numbered on number column
  • 25 sets per book
  • Divider board provided to prevent duplicate on new series number receipt
  • 2-part carbonless white originals and blue duplicates
  • Easy to carry, small size
  • All-purpose form for use as a receipt or guest check
  • Consecutively receipt numbered on number column
  • White original, pink duplicate
  • 25 sets per book
  • Chinese and Malay descriptions 
  • General rental rules provided
  • NCR salary voucher, no carbon paper required
  • All-purpose form for use as a salary receipt and record
  • White original, blue duplicate
  • 50 sets per book
  • Chines and english descriptions provided
  • Convenient and easy to use