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  • Paper clips are made from the highest quality steel
  • Feature a bright, corrosion-resistant finish with colours
  • Paper clips with clear transparent box
  • Available 2 sizes 25mm, 50mm
  • Paper clips with colour or fluorescent
  • 80pcs colour/fluoresent paper clips per box for size 25mm
  • 30pcs colour/fluoresen paper clip per box for size 50mm
  • Triangle paper clips are made from spring wire
  • Ideal for use at home or office
  • First choice when you don't want to staple or hole punch for your documents
  • 25mm/31mm in length
  • Has a rubbercover on top to prevent injuries
  • Organise your papers and documents in order
  • No more mess on your table
  • High quality
  • ​Made of plastic material, blade is made of aluminum material, 
  • 5 dolphin sharpener in set with all colours
  • Price per 5pcs in set
  • 48pcs in one box
  • It can be mounted on desk or table with the included clamp
  • 6 Different Vibrant Color In: Yellow, Blue And Red
  • Perfect For Use In Schools, Offices, Homes, Art Projects 
  • Smooth manual operation pencil sharpener
  • Quiet and classroom friendly
  • It is easy to use for school kids
  • ​Made of plastic material, odor-free and non-toxic, the blade is made of aluminum alloy material, durable and sharp, safe for use and can serve for a long time
  • 4pcs square sharpener in set with all colours
  • Available colour purple, blue, green, yellow
  • Price per 4pcs in set
  • 48pcs in one box all colours
  • Rubber stamp organiser rack
  • Save space and reduces clutter
  • Available 2 sizes 12 places and 10 places
  • Can add on top if have more than 12 rubber stamps
  • 12 places stamp rack size 10.5cm (H) x 20.0cm (L)
  • 10 places stamp rack size 10.0 cm (H) x 16.0cm (L)
  • One sharpener with two sizes lead diameter 
  • Two sizes sharpener hole 
  • Designed for all sizes and shapes of pencil/ colour pencil
  • Convenient dust cover for collecting the shaving
  • Safety cover, prevent accidentally wound
  • Available colour pink, blue, yellow and black
  • 2 side measuring rule, one side centimetes and one side inches
  • Universal ruler with hole: the surface of the rulers are smooth with no burr
  • One end is square, the other is rounded with a hole to make it easy for hanging
  • Stainless steel material for your long lasting use
  • Length, 15cm 6''
  • Size 3x3 inch (75mm x 75mm), 100 sheets each pad
  • 4pcs/Set assorted colours- pink, blue, yellow, green
  • Self adhesive and reusable
  • Quality and value to buy
  • 3 mesh stylish A4
  • Letter document trays
  • Anti Fragmentation
  • Tripod wedding firm