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Black chinese writing ink black

For use in calligraphy writing, sketching and drawing

Refillable ink for use with all types of pens with ink wells

Suitable for use with Chinese writing brushes

Blackness and permanent brilliancy

Can be use in all type of paper

  • 50ml per bottle
  • Solvent free-wasable
  • Fast dry and does not wrinkle paper
  • Suitable for paper and cardboards and more
  • Transparent in colour and washes out easily
  • Ideal for office use and ideal for children
  • Suitable for all kinds of A4 pressworks and A4 laminated sheets
  • Present your report, project or artwork in style
  • 20 pockets and can holds up to 40 pages
  • Non refillable 
  • Available cover colour green, blue, black, red
  • Triangle paper clips are made from spring wire
  • Ideal for use at home or office
  • Economical use when you don't want to staple the documents
  • 31mm in length and made from durable metal and can be re-used
  • Box of 80pcs

  • Designed size mini easy to store in pencil case
  • Easy to grasp, clean and smudge free
  • Perfect for collection of photocopies and facsimiles
  • To use on all types paper
  • Direction use : hold correction tape at 45 degree, press and pull correction tape slowly
  • Designed size mini easy to store in pencil case
  • Easy to grasp, clean and smudge free
  • Perfect for collection of photocopies and facsimiles
  • To use on all types paper
  • Cape designed to protect head clean and easy use
  • Direction use : take off cape, hold correction tape at 45 degree, press and pull correction tape slowly
  • Set come with 2pcs correction tape
  • Set A : 12m+10m correction tape
  • Set B : 12m+6m correction tape
  • Size 10mm x 10m long
  • Cotton tape in white or pink
  • Can use for tie documents and papers
  • Twine available in 6 different thickness
  • No 1 to No 6 in order of decreasing thickness
  • No 1 twine is the thickest and No 6 twine is the thinnest
  • Twine is thick enough to use for tie documents or paper or etc
  • Perfect use for packaging, bundling, arts and crafts and gardening applications
  • Price per pcs
  • 6pcs per pack
  • Unique angles paper guide, never obstructs papers when not in use, because of the paper guide storage angle.
  • Partial opening door for easy chip displsal
  • Handle lock for space-saving storage
  • Colour blue and grey
  • Ideal for use at home or office
  • First choice when you don't want to staple or hole punch for your documents
  • 19mm, 25mm, 35mm 
  • 19mm (Pack in 12pcs) ; 25mm (Pack in 10pcs) ; 32mm (Pack in 8pcs)
  • Sticky note index divider
  • 4 colours each colour 25pcs total 100pcs per pack
  • Document divider sticker and multi-purpose use
  • Easy to remark important point on page
  • Sticks securely and removes cleanly
  • Ball shape moistener, non-toxic, odorless
  • Available colour white and black
  • Finger wetted tool,moistens fingers to make collating
  • Suitable for office and bank
  • Size P6 ( 18.50cm x 13.50cm x 1.5cm), 60gsm paper
  • Total 352 pages
  • Benchmark dairy book 2019
  • Suitable for daily appointment planning
  • Left top daily pages available islamic calender
  • Colour Black, Orange, Red, Blue , Gold
  • Convenient staple remover and easy to use
  • Comfort grip, solid and durable
  • Available locking system
  • Easy to pull out the staple by it
  • Sharp edge and not for children under 3 years old'
  • Suitable for office use 
  • A4 size plastic soft cover book with printed disney princess
  • 80 sheets, paper quality 80gsm
  • Dark printing single lines
  • Good quality suitable for any environment
  • Good as gift for student or kids
  • 2 types cover "Elegant and Graceful" and "Dress to Enchant" disney princess
  • Limited stock while stock last!!
  • Available colours white, brown, yellow and blue
  • 4pcs/set with all 4 colours
  • A4 size handy bag document file
  • File come with 2 quality snap button closure
  • Each file can hold up to 150 A4 size pages
  • Waterproof, durable, tear resistant and portable
  • Product size 32.2cm x 28.4cm


  • Double clips file folder, left and right pages each have a clip to facilitate you to store more documents and read
  • Best for school work, teaching, office workplace which is convenient for you to write and consult.
  • Colours blue, beige, pink, grey
  • PE Foam Tapes are the polyethylene foam coated tapes with rubber based adhesive
  • Also suitable use rough and even surface. sticking signboard, mirror, map etc
  • 3 sizes available 12mm, 28mm and 24mm
  • Size width 12mm (1/2'') / 18mm (3/4'') / 24mm (1'')
  • Length 8m 
  • Easy to install and peel off by hand.
  • Adhesion to both smooth and rough surfaces
  • Good resistance to weather and moisture
  • Offers high tack, moderate peel strength and superior strength