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  • Brown opp tape are durable and moisture-resistant
  • Strong adhesion and easy to tear with standare tape dispenser
  • Can stored long times 
  • Idea use for office, home, school, packaging etc
  • Size 2'' 48mm, length 90m
  • Price per pcs
  • One bundle roll come with 6pcs 
  • Applicable to pilot G-2 gel pen 0.7mm
  • Super smooth writing
  • World #1 best selling gel ink pen
  • Longest writing gel ink pen
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Document organiser box file size 5"
  • Size 22cm height x 25cm length x 13cm width
  • Available colours red, blue, black, pink, green, orange, light green
  • Pocket title provided in both sided of the storage box file
  • Suitable use for home and office
  • Dust Free Eraser
  • Extra Soft for Clean Erasing
  • Eraser Size: 4 x 2.5 x 1.3cm
  • Price per 4pcs in set
  • One box come with 18pcs
  • High tensile strength and adhesive cloth binding tape
  • Available 3 sizes 24mm 1'' , 36mm 1''1/2', 48mm 2''
  • Length per roll 12m
  • Available 6 colours black, blue, red, green, white, yellow
  • Waterproof masking tape
  • Suitable for spin binding of book, carpet joining, wiring cover protection etc
  • Durable, Easy to carry around and extra strong
  • Can punch up to 15 sheets of paper (70gram paper)
  • Compact design fits comfortably in hand
  • Soft putty eraser ideal for all types of artwork
  • Ideal for smoothing coal and pastel drawings and turning on the color
  • Soft putty eraser with clear box, not easy to stick dust
  • It is kneadable and absorbent
  • Handle design suitable for right and left hand user
  • Heavy duty use, suitable for cutting hard and large object
  • Idea for cutting papers and craft
  • Sharpe and value of money
  • The box contains various rulers and different rulers are used according to different needs.
  • Set includes 2 Triangle Rulers , 1 Pencil, 1 white eraser, 1 Straight Ruler , 1 Graphic Compass , 1 protractor , 1 graphite refills
  • Plastic case: durable, all tools are placed inside for easy carrying. The outer casing can better protect the tool
  • Excellent quality and durability​
  • Perfect for examination use
  • Carbonless bill book
  • 2 Ply NCR 30 set per book ( 2 Ply colour white and blue)
  • 3 Ply NCR 20 set per book ( 3 Ply colour white, pink and blue)
  • 60 pages per book for each type
  • This book contain of 5 columns (No, Particular, Quantity, Unit Price, Amount)
  • Consecutive page numbers printed in red
  • Areas for signature, date and company information 
  • Open sided bill book
  • Brand Step by Step
  • Size 152mm x 178mm
  • 0.7 mm mechanical pencil lead refill
  • Works with any 0.7 mm mechanical pencils
  • 60mm length
  • One tube content 30pcs 0.7mm pencil lead
  • One box 12 tubes of 0.7 mm pencil lead refill
  • Writes on almost any surface
  • This marker is water based
  • Double-headed that divided into thick and thin line can be used properly
  • The print effect is clear, uniform in color, not easy to fade
  • G3 writes longer than the average of the other gel ink pens
  • Contoured rubber grip for writing comfort
  • Dynamic Gel Ink Formula that's smooth writing and smear-proof
  • Retractable gel rollerball
  • 2 types Big diameter 4pcs per pack ; small diameter 10pcs per pack
  • Clear Adhesive Glue Designed for hot melt glue guns Glue Sticks
  • Suitable for bonding wood, metal, glass, fabric, floral foam, paper, plastics, ceramics and card
  • Standard diameter suitable for all hot glue gun
  • Suit for standard low / high temperature
  • Modern black metal desk pen holder in round shape
  • Ideal for home and office use create an orderly and neat office environment
  • Easy to store pens, pencils, staplers and etc together
  • It is ideal when you need a helping hand with parcel, box wrapping, packaging and sealing
  • Has a plastic handle and a serrated cutter for clean cut, is safe to operate
  • Suitable for tape width size maximum 2.2''
  • Material made of plastic and cutter made of steel
  • These clear sheet protectors perfectly organize your reports, projects, photos
  • Clear sheet protectors are also convenient for you to browse, scan or read while using
  • Sheet protectors is perfect for filing in your 2-ring, 3-ring bindern
  • Sheet protectors is applicable for school, office and home for any documents you want to collect
  • 10 Sheet per pack
  • 4 hours dry-out protection for concentrated work
  • Strong build quality tip will allow to draw lines that last for 4 meters long
  • Available flourenscent colour and pastel colour
  • It can be mounted on desk or table with the included clamp
  • 6 Different Vibrant Color In: Yellow, Blue And Red
  • Perfect For Use In Schools, Offices, Homes, Art Projects 
  • Smooth manual operation pencil sharpener
  • Quiet and classroom friendly
  • It is easy to use for school kids
  • Arrow index flag with black cover
  • 20 sheets per each colour flag
  • 5 colours sticky flag
  • Writable on sticky flag surface
  • Adhesive and reusable